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See Booking Notes section for pricing details and other policies.

Bridal Style, with wedding party booking


Bridal Style only


Adult Style 


Pixie Cut Style


Flower Girl Style


Prom/Formal Style


Important Booking Notes

When a bride books 3 or more adult hairstyles in addition to her own style, a group discount of $25 off each adult style will be applied. Pixie Cut Style and Flower Girl pricing will not change.  For parties with 2 brides, only 2 other adult hairstyles must be booked to qualify for the group discount rate.

Flower girls rates are for young girls requiring under 20 minutes of styling time. Flower girls whose styles require the same amount of time as an adult style will be charged the adult style rate. 

All services you reserve with me are completed by me, not by an assistant. Starting in June 2024, a stylist-in-training will accompany me to prep hair for some large groups, though I will complete all styles to ensure consistent quality. If your group size and timeline require more than 1 stylist, I encourage you to book a second stylist independently from me to style others in your group on wedding day. I have close relationships with several other stylists in the area who I work with frequently, listed here. The payment, contracts, and reservations details would be made independently with me and any other stylist.

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